Inés Villena

In such a difficult experience as facing cancer, knowing that there is a team of professionals supporting you smoothens the way a lot.

All team of oncologists, nurses, and psychologists give you absolute confidence and certainty that you are in the best hands. Also, another big challenge is to be able to manage the mind. Because of that, both the application and the assistance phones, make possible to be in touch with your nurse and your psychologist. There is always someone who cares about and understands you when you have doubts or a vital crisis.

In addition, ICOnnecta app has a tool for following-up the emotional state by doing some tests so that the psychologist can closely monitor your case and detect alert situations.

I am still halfway there. I have not started with the treatment, so I know that complicated days are coming. But along the way, I have learned that I have to do everything possible to not anticipate events and also to wait for them to arrive to confront them. I have already lived many very difficult moments. In just a few times, I have visited both the nursing service and the psychological support team. They have helped me a lot. The attention of all the ICO employees has been extraordinary from the very first moment. Their human and professional treat definitely encourages you to fight against the disease.

It is not an easy process, there are very hard moments in which your integrity, your strength, and your emotional state are just not good, but the help of the ICO Breast Cancer Unit is always there. Thank you very much for your support, your help, your humanity and your professionalism. I will for sure need you.

Olga Gallardo

I am glad of being able to use the new application, ICOnnecta.

I find it very useful because of the proximity between professional and patient. The nursing part let me access to information about any type of side effects that I may be experiencing.

Also, it allows me to know what to do because of providing with information about treatments and surgeries to which I can subject myself. The explanatory videos are very clear and helpful to solve any doubts. As well as the follow-up tool for the emotional state. It sends you tests weekly.

in case you need personalized dealing with a psychologist, Aida provides the opportunity to talk to her through video conference. I would like to say that she is a great person, she gives me the confidence to explain and ask whatever I want to know. I highly recommend ICOnnecta, it makes me feel more sheltered. Thanks to everyone for making this project possible.

Teresa Fonollosa

When you begin the way after the diagnosis, doubts invade you and you have a lot of uncertainty. You visit the oncologist or the nurse with a huge list of questions, and they always answer you. However, new doubts appear when you are at home.

This online tool and the ICO Campus for patients is a source of clear and, most important, reliable information. You realize that you are not alone and this is not only happening to you.

The chance of contacting professionals and the support they give us bring serenity in moments of anguish.

Congratulations on the well-done work and also thank you very much.